The CBD industry has seen a sudden boom, and there are plenty of products on the market that include CBD and promise to be effective. This ubiquity of CBD has to do with a federal law that makes products of the hemp plant legal, but also due to a massive change in the discourse surrounding cannabis and the clearing of many misconceptions. Some states even allow the recreational use of marijuana, the psychoactive drug derived from cannabis.

It won’t be wrong to say that the popularity of CBD has a lot to do with these changes in the discourse surrounding cannabis. CBD, however, is even safer to consume than marijuana since it does not have any psychoactive effects. Therefore if you want all the relaxing and destressing effects of cannabis without getting intoxicated, CBD is your solution. The general public has caught onto the benefits of CBD, and you can purchase it in the form of oil and ready-made edibles from several businesses.

If you also want to get in on the CBD hype but are confused about how to use it, we highly recommend whipping up some delicious treats with CBD oil as the star ingredient. That way, you can enjoy your food and drink while getting all the benefits of CBD. We have compiled a list of 4 different ways you can use CBD oil in your edibles to eat, drink, and quite literally be merry, thanks to CBD.

What is The Difference Between CBD Edibles and Marijuana Edibles?

Before we delve into how you can consume CBD oil, it is important to clarify a few misconceptions. The concept of edibles made of cannabis-related products is usually associated with baked products with marijuana in it. It is also widely known that edibles made from marijuana are highly potent and can cause a more acute high than when it is smoked. People usually transfer this information to CBD, and many question if CBD edibles should be that readily available.

The difference between marijuana and CBD lies in their origin and chemical composition. CBD is derived from the hemp plant, which is from the cannabis family but has only 0.03% THC, the chemical responsible for the psychoactive effect of marijuana. In short, CBD is the version of marijuana that does not intoxicate you but has all the best effects of the drug, which include relieving stress, anxiety, and chronic pain and making your mood mellow.

Similarly, CBD edibles are entirely safe to consume as part of your daily routine and can also benefit your health. However, since you are consuming them with food, CBD edibles take longer to kick in than using CBD oil directly. Despite this, many people prefer using CBD in edibles because ingesting it makes the effects longer. Many people report that the effects of CBD, when taken as edibles, can last up to 4 to 6 hours.

4 Ways to Incorporate CBD Oil in Your Edibles

As mentioned before, while there are ways to use CBD oil directly, edibles are a preference for many people due to their long-lasting effects. Apart from that, CBD edibles are also highly convenient and enjoyable when made correctly. Many believe baked goods such as brownies and cookies are the only way to ingest CBD. However, any food and drink can be tweaked to incorporate CBD, and you can enjoy the wonderfully relaxing effects of CBD while simultaneously enjoying your meal. We have compiled a list of 4 relatively unique ways to add CBD oil to your food or drink in case you are looking for inspiration for your next CBD edible creation.

1. Use CBD Oil as A Salad Dressing

This use of CBD oil is ingenious since you are ingesting CBD oil directly but mixing it with a healthy meal. Therefore, it really is the best of both worlds. Making a simple vinaigrette with salt, pepper, and garlic is quite easy. Add a dash of CBD oil and drizzle it over the salad of your choice to have the most relaxing and healthy meal. You can always customize your vinaigrette with other flavors of your choice as well. Therefore, this is one CDB edible you will never get bored of.

2. CBD Gummies

If you are a gummy fiend like us, you would be delighted to know that many CBD versions of popular gummy treats are available. Our Stoney Patch Watermelon Slices are a delight for the taste buds and also highly convenient if you do not have the time to cook elaborate CBD-incorporated dishes.

3. CBD Teas and Lattes

The term edibles is commonly associated with foods only, but it also covers drinks. If you have your favorite pick-me-up drinks, such as tea and coffee, you can always add some CBD oil to them to lift your spirits even further. The best part is that it also evens out the jittery effects of caffeine.

4. CBD Baked Goods

Consuming cannabis products with baked goods is a classic. However, CBD-baked products are a far cry from your usual pot brownies; for one, with CBD, the only things getting baked are the delicious treats.

 You can make multiple baked treats just by adding a dash of CBD oil to the recipe. If you don’t have the time to bake, Mary Jane’s Bakery’s classic Trip Ahoy will provide you with the chocolate gooeyness you crave with the relaxation you need.

Final Thoughts

If you want to try your hand at making some of these CBD oil edibles, our website has CBD tinctures for sale. And if you do not have the hours to dedicate to the kitchen, you can also find the best CBD-infused edibles on the site. Whether you want to test your cooking skills or order CBD edibles online, Mary Jane’s Bakery has you covered.