Edible cannabis used today has evolved from homemade cookies into an innovative industry. This has significantly changed the taste buds of first-time marijuana users and stoners.

You can find a variety of CBD-infused candies, brownies, chocolate bats, salad dressing, potato chips, and several multi-course meals. Most of these foods mask the weed’s smell and taste.

However, if you haven’t ever tried edibles or prefer smoking marijuana, proceed with caution. Consuming CBD edibles and smoking weed vary significantly. Here’s how.

Different Experiences

With cannabis becoming more popular among people of different age groups, users wonder whether there’s a difference between CBD edibles and smoking weed. When assessing both ways of marijuana consumption, the primary factor to consider is that ingesting something and smoking can produce different experiences.

For instance, an individual who regularly smokes weed may not like the feeling they get after consuming CBD edibles. Though marijuana enters the body in both ways, it’s processed differently. Inhaling weed may often lead to coughing and breathing problems as the smoke enters your lungs.

In the case of edibles, your stomach processes them before releasing them into the bloodstream. While consuming edibles, the body absorbs less THC, and the effects last longer.

Effects Kicking In

Consuming cannabis through CBD edibles means the effects will take longer to kick in than smoking it. That’s because THC has to go through a long process when it reaches the stomach instead of the lungs. Most of the time, when people don’t feel the effects of edibles immediately, they may ingest more. This may lead to an uncomfortable high that may last for hours.

Amount of Consumption

Another difference between CBD edibles and smoking weed is that it’s difficult to measure the amount you’re consuming when eating edibles. Since edibles take longer to produce their effects, users may add more marijuana. Moreover, if someone else is preparing the edibles, it’s impossible to keep track of the amount you’re consuming.

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