The CBD hemp flower is a safe and healthy herb that many people across the US are starting to indulge in to elevate their experiences. This power-packed plant is used to derive the magic ingredient Cannabidiol or CBD, which provides a range of mental and physical benefits.

According to statistics, CBD product sales are predicted to reach around 16 billion US dollars. This is exactly why, today, every industry in the US is experimenting with CBD and creating one-of-a-kind products that can recharge people and help them overcome symptoms of stress.

While many people indulge in CBD edibles and oils, many also love to smoke CBD hemp flowers the old-fashion way. Smoking CBD hemp flowers is one of the most fun ways to take your daily CBD dose. Although, it’s important to ensure that the hemp flowers you’re smoking are pure and of high quality.  

Read ahead to learn how you can identify premium-quality CBD hemp flowers.

What is a CBD Flower?

 A person cutting a hemp flower

The CBD hemp flower emerges from the buds of a hemp plant that is a variety of the Sativa plant. The hemp plant contains a certain amount of THC (around 0.3%), which provides an adequate amount of CBD.

THC is the primary compound that causes a “high”. Since the CBD hemp flower has low levels of THC, it does not have any drastic intoxication effects. Instead, it helps calm the nervous system and relieves any tension or pain in the body. The CBD hemp flower is now legal in all 50 states because of its numerous benefits.

The Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers

Before we discuss how to find high-quality CBD hemp flowers, let’s consider how using CBD hemp flowers can benefit us.

Helps to Relax and Unwind

CBD is most commonly known for its relaxing and soothing effects.

Today, 6.8 million adults in the US go through different forms of anxiety and experience chronic stress symptoms that affect their daily life. But CBD hemp flowers can be used in these situations to help an individual calm down and ground themselves.

CBD boosts the production of serotonin in the brain, improving mood, enhancing memory, and learning.CBD has also been administered to teenagers who have a social anxiety disorder. This helped them instantly relax and significantly minimized their stress.

It Has Medicinal and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

a person rolling a joint

While CBD is highly effective in getting a good night’s sleep, it also has a lot of medicinal benefits.

CBD has been proven to relieve chronic pain, headaches, and even rare forms of epilepsy. It helps reduce acne, decreases the risk of heart-related disorders, and lowers blood pressure.

CBD has also been used to treat depression. A study conducted in 2019 also showed that CBD reduces swelling and inflammation. It helps to control musculoskeletal pain and even helps to prevent cancer.

Eliminates Toxins from the Body

Smoking CBD flowers is an excellent way to eliminate toxins from the body. CBD flowers are packed with fibers that enable the body to eradicate any build-up of toxins in the body and result in a healthier gut and GI tract.

Healthier Skin

Many studies show that using CBD also helps reduce wrinkles, develop more body heat, and improve melanin production. Certain CBD tinctures and ointments help to prevent allergic breakouts and give the skin a natural healthy glow. CBD tinctures are naturally hydrating and replenish tired skin.

How to Identify a Quality CBD Flower

A close-up of a hemp flower

Generally, the CBD hemp flower ranges from minty to dark forest green. High-quality CBD flowers also have hints of purple and orange pigments. These stunning color combinations will help you instantly recognize a high-quality CBD hemp flower.

It’s important to take a deeper look at a hemp bud when you’re looking for quality. Once you take a closer look, you’ll start to notice a coating of crystal-like tiny hair on the surface of the bud. This fuzzy coating might be slightly sticky to the touch and is known as trichomes.

The trichome helps protect the flower bud from pests and insects. Trichomes are also the powerhouses where CBD is produced. A good amount of trichomes signify that the hemp flower is very high quality.

Look Out for Color

Always ensure that the hemp flowers you’re purchasing do not have shades of brown, yellow, or red. A good quality hemp flower has a blend of colors like purple, green, and orange. The flower should be vibrant and visually appealing instead of brown and lifeless.

The colors in the hemp flower come from flavonoids – a compound naturally found in fruits and flowers that generates pigment.

The Aroma

One of the best ways to determine the quality of a CBD hemp flower is by smelling its aroma. A good quality hemp flower emanates a strong smell which shows that it is high in potency. Your hemp flower should have a distinct floral or fruity smell.

The rich aroma of hemp flowers shows that it is packed with terpenes. If a flower bud doesn’t have a smell, it’s better not to purchase it.

The Texture

a hemp flower.

Before you purchase hemp flowers, look at the texture as well. If the flower feels too damp or too dry, it means it is a low-quality flower.

A high-quality CBD hemp flower should chop easily without being reduced to pieces. Your hemp flowers should be sticky to the touch and remain a bit crunchy.

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