When you want to order CBD chips or a Harlequin vape cartridge, the last thing you want to hear is that they are sold out or unavailable. But which supplier will ensure this doesn’t happen?

Top Signs of a Reliable CBD Supplier

Here are some of the top signs of a reliable CBD supplier include the following:

1. Their Products Have Multiple Carrier Oils

CBD oils are a mixture of CBD and carrier oil, making application and absorption easy. These oils also have health benefits for holistic healing. Common carrier oils include hemp seed oil, olive oil, and MCT. Ask the supplier which ones they use in their blends. If they use all or most of them, they respect their clientele and are willing to cater to specific needs.

2. All Products Are THC-Free

The hemp plant, from which CBD is derived, also contains THC. This psychoactive compound gives the characteristic ‘high’ that marijuana is known for. However, top-quality CBD products do not have any traces of this compound, which is what CBD buyers like you look for.

You aren’t looking to get high. You are searching for alternative healthcare solutions that CBD products can provide. Plus, the last thing you want is to test positive for THC if you are pulled over. While THC removal is expensive, reliable, and honest, suppliers gladly pay up to protect their clients. Ask for certification that proves their products are THC-free verified.

3. Legally Licensed To Manufacture and Sell CBD

Whether you want to buy premium CBD hemp flower products or a Harlequin vape cartridge, their ingredients should be sourced from a licensed farmer. If it was illegally sourced from an illicit manufacturer, you could be found guilty of purchasing an illegal product.

If you wish to buy these products wholesale to sell later, you can endanger your business, investors, employees, and clients and face regulatory/legal violations.

4. They Test Their Products Using Reliable Third-Party Sources

Reliable CBD suppliers have their products tested before they are put up for sale. Ask for lab results of each production batch and look over the terpenes and cannabinoid levels in each product. If the CBD products you get have too much of either ingredient, you cannot sell them legally as per the Farm Bill and state law. The biological compounds have different effects by strain.

Also, check the labels of each product. If they are incorrect or misleading, they may have pesticides, solvents, and metals that can pose health risks; they are unsellable and can ruin your health and reputation. Without testing results, you are putting yourself and potential customers at risk.

Just in case, ask for a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for the products. This test proves the products were tested for CBD and THC levels and will also reveal contaminants if any. The evaluation is critical since cannabis can absorb heavy metals and harmful chemicals from the water and soil. Some products will have a QR code you can scan to check test results.

5. Check How Long They Have Been In Business

Established CBD suppliers with a proven track record and satisfied clients will not disappoint. Consider the sales they have made and their target market and ask customers about their experience. It doesn’t matter if they have been in business for years or just opened a new store.

Their attitude, product quality, and especially their knowledge about their offerings should tell you whether they are genuine.

6. Bottles Should Be Correctly Labeled

Each bottle containing CBD and THC should have labels clearly stating the contents and dosage in milligrams. These differ from product to product, so avoid items that only mention the amount of cannabinoids and not THC and CBD content separately. This is important as selling or owning products with THC levels that exceed 0.3% is illegal in most states.

7. They Have a Positive Reputation

The best CBD suppliers have a solid track record for customer service and order fulfillment. Check out their reviews online and not just from their website. Check for specific information such as how fast they can fill orders, if they back-order frequently, availability, how long they take to solve issues, if their representatives are professional and efficient in answering queries, etc. If they allow you to sample products before purchasing, that’s a plus.

8. Large Variety of Brands and Products

A CBD supplier that wishes to make their way in a saturated market will ensure their customers are always satisfied. To ensure this, they will stock their inventory with famous brands, items, and products their target market expects.

So rather than just selling CBD oils, for instance, they also have gummies, topicals, baked goods, and other products their customers can get without turning to competitors. A generous inventory will also allow them to compare products and make an informed purchasing decision.

The same goes for CBD brands. If your supplier only represents one brand, you won’t be able to compare it with others to determine if your purchase is worth the money.

The bottom line is that a reliable CBD supplier will ensure their clients return for their products by ensuring they have a sustainable inventory. Whether baked goods, oils, topicals, tinctures, or other CBD/THC products, their quality remains consistent.

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