The cannabis sativa and its related hemp plant have hundreds of different chemical compounds responsible for the multiple benefits the plant gives people. Of these several chemicals, CBD and THC are the primary ones and provide medicinal and psychoactive effects to the users.

Due to their different qualities and effects, CBD and THC derived from the hemp plant are isolated and consumed in the form of oils and edibles and can also be smoked with a vape.

Both CBD and THC serve different purposes. However, a popular hypothesis is that they work best when consumed together. If you do not have a problem with THC’s psychoactive effects, combining CBD and THC with other components present in the full spectrum versions can heighten the benefits and provide a much more pleasurable experience.

This hypothesis is called the entourage effect, and it is rapidly gaining popularity among cannabinoid enthusiasts. We have explored the entourage effect and the theory’s claims in detail for you if you want to combine your CBD and THC products the next time.

What Does Taking CBD and THC Together Mean?

To first understand what taking CBD and THC together entails, it is essential to understand the difference between them. CBD is a chemical component found in the cannabis plant that has incredible medicinal benefits, including relieving anxiety and chronic pain and stabilizing a person’s mood. THC, on the other hand, directly affects a person’s nervous system and is responsible for the high most people primarily associated with marijuana.

Cannabis’ history in the United States is complicated, and despite it not being addictive, it was largely criminalized. However, a breakthrough came in 2018 when the Farm Bill was passed at a federal level. This bill legalized products made from industrial hemp.

Therefore, both CBD and delta-8 THC are derived from hemp plants and sold in the form of different products. Industrial hemp differs in chemical composition from normal cannabis plants. Therefore, CBD and THC extracted from it are legal and have different effects from commonly used marijuana.

CBD and THC have largely different purposes since CBD does not have a pronounced psychoactive effect and is used mainly for medicinal benefits. However, this distinction between the two chemical compounds is quite simplistic. CBD does not intoxicate you, but it does affect your nervous system by promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Similarly, THC is not only limited to its psychoactive effects but also has medicinal benefits.

Therefore, the two can be consumed together as a highly beneficial and relaxing combination. If you do not mind THC’s psychoactive effects, consuming both THC and CBD edibles or taking them sublingually in the form of oils has a great effect.

What is The Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect describes the great benefits of consuming CBD and THC together. The hemp plants have hundreds of different chemicals. CBD and THC are the primary ones, but consuming them together, along with an organic compound called terpenes, makes them more effective. This highly beneficial combination is possible only due to the interaction between all the compounds, called the entourage effect.

The entourage effect states that people will benefit far more if they take cannabinoids together rather than consume them separately. According to this theory, consuming THC, CBD, and terpenes will provide even more medicinal and therapeutic effects. Several scientific studies suggest that this combination of cannabinoids even helps with conditions such as cancer and epilepsy.

Some people are wary of taking THC since it can have unpleasant side effects such as increased paranoia, impaired motor skills, heightened anxiety, and uncontrollable hunger. However, taking THC along with CBD also neutralizes the side effects, and users have reported having a much more pleasant experience with THC when taken alongside CBD.

The other components, like terpenes, are also beneficial for neurological health, and the CBD and THC combination works wonders as an anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, there are more benefits to taking the two cannabinoids together as opposed to consuming them separately.

The entourage effect shows that the hemp plant is superior and greater than the sum of its parts. While it is understandable why CBD and THC are isolated, if you have no reservations against the mild psychoactive effect of delta-8 THC, you need to consume CBD and THC together to benefit from the full spectrum of medicinal and therapeutic effects of the two chemical compounds.

The entourage effect clearly shows that CBD and THC work best when consumed together. While many people might take CBD or THC products recreationally or for general wellness, many people take the products primarily for medicinal purposes. For individuals looking to tap into the full range of medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC, it is highly recommended that they consume the two together. The entourage effect has plenty of believers, and taking CBD and THC together has been a common practice in the cannabis communities.

 Final Thoughts

Along with CBD and THC, other chemical components are essential for the entourage effect. This is why most companies sell full-spectrum CBD and THC products and do not necessarily isolate the cannabinoids completely. These full-spectrum products help the users benefit from all the different chemical components in the hemp plant, albeit in fractional quantities.

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