Since cannabis was legalized in the states, the market has been flooded with products you can use to consume it. Whether you are searching for a CBD vape, edible, or tincture, you can find several options that meet your needs. But which one should you choose?

An In-Depth Guide to CBD Products (Vapes vs. Tinctures vs. Edibles)

The best way to decide whether you should get vapes, tinctures, or edibles is by weighing their pros and cons:

What are Edibles?

CBD is available in various edible forms, such as chocolates, pills, capsules, cakes, gummy bears, and even beverages. Any CBD product you can ingest is called an ‘edible’ such as The Magic Brownie from Mary Jane’s Bakery.

The Pros

The CBD market is saturated with CBD edibles, so you can find something you like easily. Edibles such as cakes, Granola bars, and fudge have an earthy taste, but pills are tasteless. You can also control the dosage by getting packaged products. The label lists the ingredients and whether the product has THC or CBD.

The Cons

You need to wait a bit to allow the edibles to kick in. These take a while to hit the bloodstream since the liver has to metabolize them first. But the good news is that the effects last for hours (two to six hours, depending on blood pressure) and don’t end abruptly.

What is Vaping?

A vape heats cannabis concentrates or flowers to a specific temperature, effectively vaporizing the cannabinoids in the substances into vapor that you can smoke. It doesn’t require combustion.

Compared to edibles, you can feel the effects of a vape almost immediately since the smoke doesn’t go through the liver. The effects are similar to smoking and can manifest in less than five minutes for most people just like with other CBD products like CBD hemp flower or CBD buds. Check out the Rave Candy Rechargeable Vape Pen available at Mary Jane’s Bakery by clicking here.  

The Pros

  • Almost instant effects
  • Easy dosage
  • No toxic substances
  • Discreet smoke
  • Tastes better than combusted flowers

The Cons

  • Some vapes have to be charged before use. But these don’t take long to do so

What are Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are CBD oils, but they are not edibles and work differently compared to them. Add a few drops to your food or under your tongue. If you place a few drops under your tongue, the tincture is absorbed immediately through the lymphatic vessels in your mouth. These take less than 30 seconds or five minutes to take effect, which can last for three hours.

Back in the day, tinctures were treated with ethanol. But today, these come in dropper bottles and are infused with oil such as Delta 8 THC oil. The potency of each tincture is mentioned on the packaging.

Tinctures can be used in a variety of different ways. You can add it to your food, drink it through a feeding tube or apply it topically. Some of the different types of your tinctures you can get include:

Full spectrum – These tinctures contain the complete chemical profile of the marijuana plant, i.e., phenols, flavonoids, cannabinoids, terpenes, and proteins. The result is a full-body aroma and flavor that most people cannot get enough of.

Broad spectrum – These products have the same amount of cannabinoids as full spectrum tinctures, but they don’t have THC. Broad spectrum tinctures are ideal for those who want the health benefits of CBD without getting intoxicated.

Distillate – This CBD oil has only one cannabinoid present in a carrier oil.

 The Pros

  • Higher bioavailability than edibles
  • Faster than vapes
  • No sugars or calories unless it is added to food and drinks
  • It can be administered sublingually
  • It can be taken discreetly
  • Zero toxicity

The Cons

Some plant tinctures can cause a mild burning sensation.

Which One Should You Get?

Whether you should take tinctures, vapes or edibles depends on your needs, preferences, and convenience. If you are looking for an instant hit, go with tinctures and vapes and if you love a slow burn, choose delicious edibles from Mary Jane’s Bakery. You can also choose a product from each category and have fun with them.

Before purchasing any CBD product, take precautions. Make sure you purchase only from reliable suppliers and check the label to determine if they used food-grade alcohol to extract CBD for their products and if they have a certificate of analysis verifying authenticity.

Each tincture comes with a dropper, so you don’t overdose. This is important since these products have concentrated CBD. A dropper can allow you to get the correct dosage each time. These are best for people who don’t want to smoke and want to immediately feel the effects of CBD. If you like to smoke, you can do both. Your choice will come down to your preferences and experience. If you have never used CBD products before, try edibles first.

Some manufacturers also use thinning agents in their CBD cartridges. These include polyethylene glycol, which can burst and break down in the body as a carcinogenic compound. Always purchase CBD products from reputable suppliers and stores such as Mary Jane’s Bakery.

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