The Cannabis sativa plant has been used in folk medicine for centuries. In the west, we have been catching on to its benefits, and cannabinoids are now used in a variety of products, including CBD oils, CBD gummies, CBD skincare, CBD vape, and more.

Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive compound derived from hemp and marijuana. It is one of 113 known cannabinoids that are used in products that claim to provide stress relief, pain relief, and improved sleep. You can find Delta 8 THC oil online on our website.

Here’s why Delta 8 THC oil is so popular.

1. What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoids used to make various CBD products. Unlike its sister cannabinoids, Delta 9 THC, it does not make someone high, but does have analgesic and stress-busting properties.

You can find Delta 8 THC in skincare products, body oils, CBD gummies, and CBD vape. You can also get it in the form of supplements which you can take to calm your nerves or improve the quality of your sleep at night.

2. Benefits of Delta 8 THC

The good news is that you don’t need a prescription to purchase CBD products that contain Delta 8 THC. This is because the amount of THC in these products is less than 0.3 percent, which is the legally prescribed limit of THC that can be present in CBD products sold over the counter.

Delta 8 THC can produce feelings of euphoria and relaxation. If you’re stressed the day before a big event, a product that contains Delta 8 THC may help calm your nerves without the side effects that typically accompany anti-anxiety medication.

You can find hemp products that contain Delta 8 THC online on our website. We also have CBD edibles, including the best quality CBD gummies for anxiety.

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Find Delta 8 THC oil online

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