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What Is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil Is An Extract Made From The Hemp Plant. Our Oil Is Made Thru A Process Called Distillation. Our Distillate Concentration Is Made By Extracting Resin Glands From The Hemp Buds, Then Removing Any Chlorophyll And Contaminants From The Oil. This Process Allows Us To Create A High Quality CBD Wax That Consistently Contains Above 90% CBD.


Why Buy CBD Oil From Miami Rave?

At Miami Rave, We Pride Ourselves On Our Outstanding Reputation In The CBD Industry, And Our Extremely Loyal Customer Base. Each Product We Offer Is Held To The Highest Quality And Potency Standards Possible. We Love The CBD Industry And Want To Provide Knowledge About CBD And The Best Customer experience Possible.


What Is The Best CBD Product You Sell?

That’s A Great Question That Honestly, Doesn’t Have A Straight Forward Answer. All Of Our CBD Products Are Amazing . Each Product Is Designed To Target Different Users For Different Applications. It’s Really Up To You To Decide Which CBD Products Are Best For You. If You’re New To CBD, Be Sure To Check Out Our “New To CBD Guide” To Get A Better Understanding Of The Products We Offer.

What Is CBD Hemp Flower?

Hemp Flower Is The Smokable Buds Of The Hemp Plant. This Product Is Similar To Cannabis, But Provides No Psychoactive High. Each Strain Provides A Unique Taste And Effect And Is Organically Sourced And Grown.


What Are CBD Oil Pills?

CBD Pills Are Softgel Capsules That Are Filled With CBD. Each Pill Is Designed To Be Consumed Orally, Just Like Any Other Pill.


What Is A CBD Oil TIncture?

CBD Tinctures Are Oral Drops That Are Designed To Be Taken Sublingually. (Under Or On Your Tongue).


What Is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD Vape Oil Is CBD That Is Infused With Terpenes And Is Designed To Be Vaped.

What Are Terpenes?

Terps Are The Primary Constituents Of CBD Oils Found In The Hemp Plant. Their Medicinal Properties Increase Energy Levels, Improve Mood, And Relax The Body And Mind. Our Terpenes Are All Organic And Natural.