Girl Scout Cookies ( GSC) Delta 8 THC Bud

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Strain: Hybrid

Fragrance: Floral, earth, spicy, sweet, pine

Effects: Joyful, euphoric, creative, quite spacey

Like GG4 and others that were forced to have their names changed, GSC was once known as, and is still often referred to as, Girl Scout Cookies. Unlike the children selling the delicious snacks for charity, GSC is an indica hybrid cross that has won multiple Cannabis Cup titles and continues to be a lot of cannabis connoisseurs top choice. GSC comes from crossing two very well known strains of cannabis, OG Kush and Durban Poison. This very special and cherished bud gives consumers a potent hybrid high unrivaled by most.

GSC’s distinct flavor and aroma lets you know you’re dealing with pure quality cannabis. This strain’s flower is highly praised for providing consumers with a delightful earthy aroma that is cut by sweet and almost citrious-like notes. The combination of floral and pine interspersed with sweet and spicy notes has been known to tickle the nostrils in all the right ways. GSC’s OG lineage can be noticed when lit. Here, the spices of the plant truly come to the forefront while users tend to pick up sweet citrus hints as well.

BEWARE if trying GSC for the first time. This strain is not only well known for its taste and aroma, but it also is well known for its strong effects on the body and mind. Most users of this strain report feelings of waves of joy and euphoria that tends to leave you feeling spaced out and feeling extremely creative. The indica portion of GSC comes through loud and clear with a hefty dose of couch lock that often pairs well with snacks. While you may want to put your creative energy to work, you might find yourself more suited for the couch for the foreseeable future.

Enjoy all of the benefits of THC with our version of The Girl Scout Cookies Delta 8 THC Strain. This girl Delta 8 THC flower’s taste and strength are spot on. Experience cookies like never before. This highly potent flower has an aroma and a flavor profile that is sure to put a smile on anyones face.  Enjoy GSC’s true hybrid effects.

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